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Banners are a powerful and versatile advertising tool that can effectively promote your business, event, or special offers. They are designed to grab attention and deliver your message with impact.


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Our Options

At Grayers Graphics, we offer a wide range of banners that are suitable for various applications. Whether you need to create brand awareness, advertise a product, or enhance your event presence, our banners are an excellent choice to make a bold statement and capture the attention of your target audience.

Roller Banner

Roller banners

Very easy to use

Our branded Roller banners are portable printed graphics that roll into an aluminium, spring-loaded mechanism for easy storage and transport, perfect for any advertising need.

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PVC Banner

PVC Banners

Made to size

Our PVC banners, suitable for both business and personal use, are durable and weather-resistant. Hemmed on all edges with evenly spaced eyelets, they’re easy to hang.

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PVC Mesh Banners

Mesh Banners

Made to size of heras fencing

Our custom mesh banners are perfect for construction, allowing air to pass through for sturdy fencing in any weather. Transform spaces into effective advertising spots for your business.

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Scaffold Banners

High wind area? Ask about mesh scaffold banner

Scaffolding banners showcase your branding and structures effectively. Crafted from durable PVC, they withstand all weather and easily attach to scaffold poles.

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Feather Flag

Fabric flags

Suitable for events and display advertising

Supplies of UK-manufactured, water-based dye sublimation printed feather flags. Our custom-printed feather flag kits are suitable for events and display advertising, and do not require wind to be effective.

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Yes, vinyl banners are specifically designed to withstand various weather conditions. They are made from durable vinyl material that is water-resistant and UV-resistant, ensuring their longevity and vibrant appearance even when exposed to the elements.

Yes, roller banners are designed for ease of use and portability. They come with a retractable mechanism that allows the banner to be easily pulled up from the base and secured in place. When not in use, the banner retracts back into the base, making it compact and easy to transport. Roller banners also come with a carry case for convenient storage and transportation.

Fabric skin banners, also known as fabric tension banners, offer a different aesthetic and texture compared to traditional vinyl banners. They are made from stretchable fabric material that is tightly stretched over a frame, creating a smooth and seamless appearance. Fabric skin banners are ideal for indoor displays, exhibitions, and events, providing a more elegant and sophisticated look.

Yes, banners are designed to be reusable. Vinyl banners, roller banners, scaffold banners, fabric skin banners, and backdrops can all be reused for multiple events, campaigns, or occasions. Proper care and storage are important to maintain their quality and longevity. Roll up banners and fabric skin banners can be easily rolled or folded for storage, while vinyl banners and scaffold banners can be rolled up or flat packed.

Vinyl banners are versatile and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Fabric skin banners, pop up and roller banners are only designed to withstand indoor environments. It’s important to consider the specific requirements of your project and choose the appropriate banner type for optimal performance.