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Vehicle wrap

Vehicle wrapping offers a fantastic opportunity to give your vehicle a fresh, new look without the need for a costly and permanent paint job.



  • Change the colour of your vehicle with ease

  • Custom styling graphics that suit your personal taste and preferences

  • A seamless and flawless finish!

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At Grayers Graphics, we specialise in colour change vehicle wrapping, allowing you to completely transform the appearance of your car. Whether you want to enhance its aesthetic appeal, protect the original paintwork, or simply explore a different style, vinyl wrapping offers endless possibilities for customisation. Our collection ensures that you have a diverse palette to choose from, allowing you to personalise your vehicle to reflect your individuality.

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Colour Change

Our colour change vehicle wrapping service allows you to change the colour of your vehicle with ease.

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Car Wrapping Grayers Graphics

Styling Decals

Whether you desire bold racing stripes, unique patterns, or sleek accents, our designers can bring your vision to life.

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Car Wrapping Grayers Graphics

Expert prep

We meticulously clean and disassemble specific vehicle parts to ensure thorough preparation for wrapping, guaranteeing a flawless paint-like finish that exceeds expectations.

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No, vehicle wrapping is not permanent. It is a non-permanent alternative to repainting your vehicle. Vinyl wraps can be easily removed without damaging the original paintwork, allowing you to revert to the original colour or apply a new wrap if desired.

The lifespan of a vehicle wrap depends on various factors, including the quality of materials used, environmental conditions, and how well it is maintained. Generally, high-quality vinyl wraps can last anywhere from 3 to 7 years or even longer with proper care and maintenance.

When applied and removed correctly, vinyl wraps will not damage the original paint of your vehicle. In fact, wraps provide an additional layer of protection against minor scratches and UV rays. However, it is essential to have the wrap installed and removed by professionals to avoid any potential damage.

Yes, you can wash your vehicle after it has been wrapped. However, it is recommended to use a gentle hand wash method instead of high-pressure washers to avoid any potential lifting or damage to the edges of the wrap. Additionally, avoid using abrasive or harsh chemicals that may affect the vinyl.

Yes, you have the flexibility to wrap specific parts of your vehicle based on your customisation preferences. Whether it’s the hood, roof, mirrors, or any other individual panel, our team can assist you in achieving the desired look by selectively wrapping specific areas.

Vinyl wraps are designed to provide a smooth and uniform appearance. However, they will not completely hide severe imperfections such as deep scratches, dents, or rust. It is recommended to address any significant surface issues before applying the wrap for the best overall result.

Yes, vehicle wrapping is a popular choice for leased or rented vehicles as it allows you to personalise the vehicle without making permanent changes. When the lease term is over or when you need to return the vehicle, the wrap can be safely removed, ensuring no damage or penalties.