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Signage encompasses various applications, from enhancing your shopfront to guiding people in the right direction and displaying safety information on your premises.


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At Grayers Graphics, we offer a wide range of solutions to meet your signage needs and help you make a lasting impression.

Signage Correx Sign



This affordable option is primarily used for work site signs or one-day events. It features a 4mm thickness fluted plastic board, ultra-lightweight design, and is perfect for short-term use.

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Signage Foamex Sign



A rigid PVC board for smaller signs (1.2m square or less), offering affordability and medium-term use. Available in 5mm or 3mm thicknesses, it’s lightweight and versatile.

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Signage Acrylic Sign



Primarily for indoor use, like office walls, this clear material comes in 3mm, 5mm, or 10mm thicknesses, lasting long and standing off walls internally.

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Signage DiBond Signs

2. Di-Bond


Ideal for exterior retail, display, or directional signage, choose gloss or matt lamination for longevity. Produced on durable 3mm compressed aluminium.

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Signage Panatrim Sign

3. Panatrim


Classic sign system with aluminium frame, suitable for indoor/outdoor use, includes Sibond panel.

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Signage Folded Tray Sign

4. Folded tray

Folded tray

Sign trays, crafted from 3mm aluminium composite, offer durable, long-lasting outdoor signage in a variety of colours and finishes.

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Signage Post Sign

5. Post sign

Post sign

Commonly used for directional information or business identification on roadsides, industrial estates, and business parks.

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Signage Stand Off Sign

6. Stand-off


Acrylic or Di-Bond flat cut letters elegantly showcase a logo on a shop front and enhance the aesthetic of a retail interior.

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Signage Stand Off LED Sign

7. Stand-off LED

Stand-off LED

Bespoke LED letters offer a unique blend of stand-off, 3D, and frontal illumination for a distinctive look.

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Signage Sign Fret cut LED

8. Fret cut LED

Fret cut LED

The lettering or logo is fret-cut from a folded metal tray, powder-coated to match any RAL colour reference, and backed with a choice of acrylic colour for illuminated display.

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Signage Fabric Light Box Sign

9. Fabric Light box

Fabric Light box

Fabric light box banners offer a modern alternative to traditional aluminium light boxes, perfect for vivid displays in various settings.

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Signage Halo LED letters Sign

10. Halo LED letters

Halo LED letters

Halo illumination creates a soft glow around built-up metal or acrylic letters, with LEDs shining from the reverse for an angelic effect.

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Signage Front lit Letters Sign

11. Front lit Letters

Front lit Letters

Halo illumination casts a soft glow around built-up metal or acrylic letters, with LEDs shining from the reverse for an angelic effect.

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Signage Bespoke

12. Bespoke


We offer custom sign finishes, from rust effect to brushed aluminium, steel, chrome, and even bulb letters. Share your idea, and we’ll bring it to life!

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Very professional and great staff, absolutely loved my van and shop sign.
The team have done a fantastic job in branding the Energicity Ltd company vehicles, they look smart and the design really stands us out from the crowd.
We gave free rein to restructure our office and it looks very professional.
I’m over the moon with the finished product.
My team are happy and now our office feels like home.
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We offer a wide selection of materials for signage, including acrylic, aluminium, PVC, ACM, and more. Each material has its own unique characteristics, such as durability, weather resistance, and aesthetic appeal. During the design consultation, we will guide you in choosing the most suitable material based on your signage requirements, budget, and desired visual impact.

Yes, as a full-service signmaker, we provide professional installation services for the signage we produce. Our experienced installation team will ensure that your signage is securely and accurately installed, whether it’s for indoor or outdoor applications. Proper installation is crucial for maximising the visibility and longevity of your signage.

Yes, we have expertise in navigating local regulations and obtaining necessary permits for signage installations. Our team will work closely with you to understand the specific permit requirements for your location and guide you through the process. We are committed to ensuring that your signage complies with all applicable regulations, allowing for a smooth installation process.

As part of our comprehensive sign-making service, we offer site surveys to ensure accurate measurements and assess the installation requirements. Our experienced team can visit your location, take necessary measurements, and evaluate any specific considerations such as site conditions, visibility, and mounting options. This allows us to provide you with precise signage dimensions and design recommendations tailored to your location. You can rely on our expertise to gather the necessary information for a successful signage project.

The need for planning permission for signage depends on various factors such as location, size, and local regulations. In many cases, certain types of signage, especially smaller and non-illuminated signs, may fall within permitted development rights and not require planning permission. However, larger or illuminated signs, signs in conservation areas, or signs attached to listed buildings may require planning permission. We recommend checking with your local planning authority to ensure that your signage project adheres to the necessary permissions and regulations in your area.