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Hireco Group Fleet Wrap

I’m over the moon with the finished product.

Hireco, one of the UK’s leading transport solutions and contract vehicle hire companies, has successfully built an excellent brand image across all divisions of their business. As their trusted partner, we have had the pleasure of working alongside Hireco to bring several exciting projects to life, contributing to their strong and recognisable brand presence.

Chiller vans

Throughout the Hireco fleet, you can see how the circular logo mark has been creatively incorporated in various ways to make a statement. For the chiller vans, we utilised a metallic blue vinyl, referencing the refrigerated vehicles that Hireco offers. This choice of colour not only reinforces their brand identity but also adds a touch of sophistication to the vans, making them visually appealing and memorable on the road.

Tractor units

Similarly, the trucks in Hireco’s fleet were wrapped to incorporate the oversized logo icon in their vibrant Hireco orange colour. Due to the nature of the logo, each side of the vehicle had to be different, but we ensured that the design flowed seamlessly and cohesively throughout. The result was eye-catching and impactful branding that clearly represented Hireco’s professionalism and expertise in the transport industry.

Electric vehicle

As part of their commitment to reducing CO2 emissions, Hireco introduced an electric commercial fleet. To highlight this important initiative, we wrapped a flagship electric vehicle in a one-off design that was bold and attention-grabbing. The design effectively conveyed the message of sustainability while ensuring that the brand remained identifiable. This project showcased Hireco’s dedication to embracing environmentally friendly solutions while maintaining a consistent brand presence.

Trailer graphics

We also provided livery for Hireco’s curtain sider trailers. Recognising the challenges of these trailers being constantly moved and exposed to the elements, we utilised a specific grade of vinyl with a higher adhesive strength. This ensured that the graphics would withstand the test of time, maintaining their vibrant appearance and effectively promoting Hireco’s brand even under demanding conditions.

A Cohesive Brand

Hireco has successfully established a well-rounded brand that is uniform across all divisions of their business. From the choice of colours to the typeface and style, their brand is immediately recognisable across all media types. This cohesiveness offers their clients reassurance and reflects the professionalism and attention to detail that Hireco embodies.



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