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Oselo Office Design

My team are happy and now our office feels like home.

When Oselo expanded their team and secured a suitable office space, they recognised the need to transform the corporate environment into a more welcoming and vibrant workspace that aligned with their company culture. By partnering with us, they were able to achieve their vision and create an office space that truly represented their global operation and brand identity.

Acrylic sign

As a first step, Oselo needed an entrance sign that would make it easy for visitors to locate their office. We supplied a modern, transparent acrylic sign featuring their logo and silver locator fixings. This sign not only added depth to their entrance but also served as a sleek and professional welcome, setting the tone for their office environment.

Illuminated map

To make a bold statement and showcase Oselo’s global reach, we supplied and installed a huge illuminated map of the world sign. This impressive focal point not only brightened up the office but also symbolised Oselo’s worldwide operations. The illuminated map became a source of inspiration and a reminder of the company’s global impact.

Wall wraps

To transform the otherwise dull white walls, we applied vinyl wall graphics throughout the office. These wall wraps added vibrant colors and the impression of texture, instantly breathing life and personality into the space. By incorporating Oselo’s brand elements and design aesthetics, we created an engaging environment that reflected their unique identity.

Logo sign

One of the standout features of the office transformation was the installation of an acrylic laser-cut logo sign. Crafted in Oselo’s brand colors, the logo sign became a prominent focal point and reinforced their brand identity. By fixing the logo sign to a wrapped wall with spacers, we added an extra layer of depth, elevating the overall design of the room.


To continue the branding throughout the office while maintaining privacy in the meeting room, we applied a large cross-section of the logo to the glass using frosted vinyl. This strategic use of window graphics not only extended the branding elements but also ensured a level of privacy for those using the room, all while allowing natural light to filter through.



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